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A little bit of something for everyone!SPECIALTY PROGRAMS

Our specialty programs are specifically designed to introduce other gymnastic disciplines, focus the majority of attention on favourite activities around the gym and enhance other athletic passions and pursuits. We hope an option below is the perfect fit for you!
Beginner Tumbling 7 + and No skills required
Gymnasts are introduced to beginner tumbling skills, including handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, forward and backward rolls, bridges, bridge kickovers, leaps, jumps and pivot turns. Floor, vault and trampoline are used; balance beams and bars are not included in the tumbling program.
Intermediate Tumbling
Gymnasts refine the skills taught in Beginner Tumbling and advance to front and back walkovers, handsprings and dive rolls. Front tucks are introduced. Athlete must be proficient at doing a round off, cartwheel, handstand and bridge kickover to join this class.
Advanced Tumbling
Gymnasts refine and learn aerials, front and back handsprings and front and back tucks. Skill connections (such as round-off back handspring) are introduced. Athlete must be proficient at doing a back handspring down a cheese mat, a front tuck into the foam pit and a front or back walkover to join this class.
Gymclusive - all ages - aid or parent required
A class designed specifically for those with physical or developmental needs. It focuses on teaching physical literacy skills in an inclusive environment, using locomotion, balance, coordination and strengthening activities. It aims to develop/improve fine and gross motor skills, agility, and spatial orientation. An adult aide is required.
Teens Class - 12-16 years
The Teens class is for all gymnasts ages 12-16 who would like to spend time in the gym and advance their skills, without the pressure of testing and passing levels. Gymnasts work on refining the skills they are interested in and learning new skills, while maintaining and increasing their strength and flexibility. Since there are no required skills, this class is open to all ability levels, from beginner to advanced!
Adult Class - 17+
For all gymnasts 17 years and older. Beginner to advanced skills are taught, dependant upon ability and in consultation with a coach. This class is intended to help individuals reach their gymnastics goals and get a great workout.

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