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Fun parented and un-parented classes sure to help your child develop physical literacy skills at an early age. Gymnastics builds a strong foundation for an active life. Gymnastics is the ultimate way to develop a strong foundation. It builds strength, increases flexibility, improves balance, quickens motor skills and creates a sense of mind body awareness. Its benefits are simply unparalleled by anything else.
Baby Stars - 12-24 Months
Children aged 12-24 months refine motor skills in an atmosphere that fosters imagination and complex play, with a focus on fine and gross motor skill development and mind-body awareness.
Future Stars - 2-3 Years
Gymnasts learn to run, jump, climb, balance and swing in a structured setting that centers around play, with a continued focus on fine and gross motor skill development and mind-body awareness.
Twinkle Stars - 3  Years
The first independent class. Gymnasts learn the Fundamental Movement Patterns (FMPs)- landings, locomotions, balances, springs, swings, rotations and object manipulation. Skills are incorporated into games and on the various apparatus. Skills include forward rolls, log rolls, donkey kicks and baby cartwheels.
Rising Stars - 4 + Years
Gymnasts continue working on the Fundamental Movement Patterns (FMPs) on all the apparatus (balance beams, bars, floor, vault and trampoline), with an emphasis on progressing through their skills. Gymnasts develop their balance and increase their strength. Backward rolls are introduced.
Super Stars- 4- and 5-years prerequisite Rising Stars Passed
Coach recommended. Gymnasts progress through more advanced skills on the various apparatus, with an emphasis on body position, strength and balance. Gymnasts continue to develop their cartwheels, handstands, forward and backward rolls, as well as balance beam, bar and trampoline skills.
Super Novas 5 & 6 years old
Coach recommended. Prerequisite Super Stars Passed. Gymnasts progress through more advanced skills, such as pullover and dismounts on uneven bars, kick up to handstand and roundoff. Gymnasts develop more flexibility through practicing splits and bridges.

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